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If you’re looking to drive growth and scale up, we’ve got a program with client results that speak for themselves:

2.45X Average Growth | $2B+ In Funding | 44 Acquisitions
10 Exits | 13,375+ Employees Hired

Introducing the Growth
Navigator Coaching Program

Our program uses proven tools and methods from Scaling Up, Gallup, and others, backed by a track record with over 80,000 organizations.

What you get is a comprehensive package that includes:

  1. 10X Growth Coaching
  2. Accountability Support
  3. Scaling Up Tools & Templates
  4. Live Trainings
  5. Expert Speakers
  6. Annual Strategy and Quarterly Planning Sessions
  7. A Curated Community
  8. Live Events
  9. Options for Virtual or In-Person

This program is a perfect fit for Owners/CEO’s who are:

Hungry to grow

Coachable and
Open minded

Generous with

Willing to do the

Have $2-15M current
sales (or funding)

Employ between
10-150 people

More Info Growth Navigator Coaching Program


The Growth Navigator Coaching program is your ticket to sustainable growth, offering you:

  1. 24 Training sessions to scale 10x to 100X
  2. 12 Guru sessions with leading CEOs and business experts
  3. 12 LIVE GROUP COACHING sessions
  4. 12 Accountability Group Meetings
  5. 30+ Tools and templates to grow easier and faster than competitors
  6. Access to a Private Curated Community with similar challenges
  7. 12 months access to program, materials, and community


  • 3-Day Live Masterclass with Verne Harnish, Bill Gallagher, and others
  • Annual and Mid-Year In-Person Planning Summits
  • Quarterly Business Planning sessions
  • Strategic partner deals:funding, accounting, business services

Expert Guru Speakers include:

Chris Ronzio

Trainual Process Execution

Cameron Herold

COO Secrets

Brian Smith

UGG Founder

Ari Meisel

Doing Less

Rajendra Sisodia

Conscious Capitalism

Paul Akers

Lean In 2 Seconds

Mike Michalowicz

Profit First

Jennifer Hudye

Vivid Vision Development

Jack Daly

Sales Playbook

Eric Qualman


Dean Jones

Gallup Strength-based Cultures

David Rendal

Freak Factor

Growth Navigator Learning Curriculum

Program Schedule:

Growth Navigator Coaching happens Wednesdays at 9am PT, (Noon ET, 5pm London)

- 90-minute Coaching calls monthly (group)
- 90-minute Accountability Group Coaching monthly
- 2 Scaling Lessons monthly

- 60-minute Guru Speakers monthly
- Half-Day Quarterly Planning on Zoom for teams in April & October
- Optional: 1.5 Day January Annual Strategy & Planning In-Person for teams*
- Optional: 1.5 Day July Mid Year Planning In-Person for teams*

*Additional cost for in-person events with teams

Scaling Doesn't Have To Be Hard:

We make business growth easier, faster, and much more enjoyable. If you're tired of the endless hours, the slow progress, and the struggle to sustain growth, then the ScalingCoach Growth Navigator program is the solution you need.

For the past 18 years, we've coached over 10,000 companies worldwide, learning how to make Scaling Up easier and faster. Our coaching program provides support every week of the year - training, coaching, accountability, community, and partners.

Our approach is engaging and authentic, with top-notch tools, a fun experience, and a community curated for their ambition, openness, and generosity.

But don't just take our word for it, here's what others have to say:

Jack Daly

“Bill Gallagher is the real deal when it comes to natural leadership with decades of experience.”

Author of Hyper Sales Growth and former CEO

Eric Qualman

“Bill Gallagher provides the jumpstart needed for any leader with a desire to leave a legacy that matters.”

5x #1 Bestselling Author and Professor

Jordan Harbinger

"When Bill Gallagher shares leadership secrets, you can bank on they came from deep experience over decades leading and coaching leaders. Bill Gallagher will help you find your flow as a leader and play a bigger game.”

Creator,The Jordan Harbinger Show

Dr. Geoff Smart

“Bill Gallagher is not only a thought leader but he practices what he preaches in scaling up businesses successfully, without the need for human sacrifice.”

Chairman & Founder of ghSMART and New York Times bestselling author of Who and Power Score

Brian Scudamore

"I admire that as a coach, Bill Gallagher knew he had to turn around his own life before he could impact the lives and businesses of so many others!"

Founder & CEO 1-800-GOT-JUNK and O2E Brands

Chris Ronzio

"I've learned so much from Bill Gallagher over the years, both from the scaling lessons he shares from his clients around the world, and from watching him skateboarding and surfing on weekdays with his kids."

CEO Trainual

Chris Yeh

Far too many leaders share the masochistic belief that they have to sacrifice their family and their happiness to succeed. Bill Gallagher shows a better way to be both happy and successful.

Author Blitzscaling

John Ratliff

“Trading your health, well-being, and relationships for success is not success. Bill Gallagher is one of the very rare few that understands how to help entrepreneurs find balance on their journey.”

CEO Scaling Up Coaches

Cost: $1,495 Monthly or $16,495 Annual

Our Guarantee

Cancel at any time and pay nothing further if you are not delighted with our coaching program and community. No refunds of previously paid fees but you are welcome to keep and personally use all that you have learned in the program.

Questions? Call +1-510-295-4422 or [email protected] 


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